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Bill Patton's Review

Read these reviews carefully. After a botched base repair I endured 5 months of broken promises and delays and ended up having to go to small claims court and still have no usable ski. I have been doing business with Dan for 10+ years making this situation all the more surprising. The most frustrating customer service experience I have ever had. After sharing this experience with fellow skiers at Cochrans and Smugglers Notch Ski Club it became apparent that I was not alone in the way I was treated. Sad because they have a good machine that does good tunes but my strong advice is stay away.

John A.

My experience at this shop has varied wildly in the years that I have been going there. Whenever I am being helped by an employee I feel like they are going above and beyond for me, yet when I talk with the owner I am constantly being pushed to spend more money than I need to. The amount of upselling for this "local family business" is frightening. Please do not go into this shop without a strong idea of what you need and what you're willing to pay. None of the advertised prices are accurate and you will almost always need to spend an extra $40 on top of the price advertised.

I am writing this review because the last time I was in the shop, I watched the owner belittle and yell at an employee until he noticed I was standing right there to which he stopped and gave me a big smile as if nothing had happened. This is not a company I will ever be giving my money to ever again and I hope more people do not turn a blind eye to the very poor management of a local ski shop.

Roger K.

They once ground a year old pair of my skis down to the point where there wasn’t enough edge to ever sharpen them again.

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